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 FALL 2019 

*Artist Impression


Trinity Philosophy 

Our new ethos on our courses and vision for the school is a no-compromise system that fully supports our nation and government's direction of Work Life Balance directives, supporting a robust framework that prioritizes students' potential, leadership capabilities and the best study experience for the new 'thinking' generation to nurture future leaders.

Study Hard. Work Hard. Play Hard.


3X harder but also 3X Smarter and Better.

We take our study and work seriously AND we also fully support a strong play-reward system that energizes, inspires and empowers creativity to the MAXIMUM. 

Interested to know how it works? Read on.

(Here's a sample of our One Year Program. Subjected to Changes)

5 Jan


How we roll.

Our Unique Education Programme fully supports this notion by incorporating a world's first "Study-Work-Reward' system that will see students focusing and sweating bullets for their assignments and studies; building up skill-sets 

and bonding with peers with our established lecturers and industry experts for the first 6 months.


Learn from our track records, related as well as Inter-related case studies and client stories from

big brands such as Wacom, Gumi, Zizagame, Tudor, Genting Dream, Virtuos, TIMES, Lenovo, EA

and many more to implement into your own ideas and strategies for your assignments and future workflow.




Enjoy an Interim in the middle of their terms such as a short cruise study trip break with our

lecturers to exotic SEA locations to fuel firsthand experiences, cultural and visual knowledge which is crucial to be a creative professional, all the whilst having classes on the go and learn versatility as well as to juggle experiences into your works.

"It may be a research + class on the high seas,

with the sights and locales inspiring their assignments on board." 

Witness in person the theories of art and design. Etched in your visual memory...

5 Jul

charge on.

be inspired to inspire.

Once back, we spiral into intensive study and work mode before you enter an industrial attachment to apply all your knowledge

and expertise to real world projects in Lionheart GameDesign Studio and other established companies.


Experience an actual Project Attachment program and be termed an apprentice/junior artist or game designer.

Take ownership and learn leadership with the role/s assigned or project assignment and be empowered by

the fact that you are part of the bigger game.

This direct credit and resume entry will be a game changer in your portfolio and

resume, along with the communication skills needed to breakthrough. 

Or Embark on your own IP and concentrate on building your next

Star Wars inspired universe for your portfolio, even possibly to

acquire seed-funding from our own Incubator department.

Embrace a brand new education experience set to change your life with incredible learning, memories that enhance your learning & a greater direction... 

8 sep

final lap.

We will end the year after

Relishing our Assignment trip:

A vastly different overseas locale to fulfill and realize our Art Pilgrimage & Diploma program 

by visiting notable sites such as a famous animation studio or even Wacom Headquarters in Japan.

We will be connecting what we have seen, heard and felt to tie up into our portfolio as well as

create a reflection on their learning process, inspiration as well as future directions.

This final Assignment trip will also be the culmination of all that is learnt, putting students into a

project that will create friendly competition and implement work pressure under a certain deadline.

The winners will emerge with fantastic prizes and and be inducted into our hall of fame. 


Upon return we will be holding our gallery showcase and opening night to distinguished guests and industry friends.

You will be molded into leaders of your field and expertise.

End of Course,

& Onwards to New adventures. 

"This Overseas class trip will be the perfect culmination to fully realize, remember and appreciate all the teachings, musings and efforts that had been put in thus far - to be truly aware and more conscious as design thinking professionals, what life can be and the true potential of bringing your uniqueness to success."

Course highlights Include

Great Leadership-driven Character. Solid Portfolio. Design Thinking Mentality. Potential Industry Connections. Higher Education Pathway. Developed Communication skills


Career Prospects Include

Creative & Art Directors. Entrepreneurs. Designers. Digital Artists.

Concept Artists. Visual Designers. Game Directors/Designers.

Game Project Managers. UI Artists. Storyboard and Key Artists. Illustrators.

Graphic Designers. Texture Artists. Game Artists

& Many More!

This is our promise. 
The brand new EAIM SODA Education Experience promise. 

To cultivate design-thinking, unique and creative individuals complete with skills and industry knowledge, professional who will make a difference.

Are you IN?

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